Thieves Strike Multiple Ohio University Student Apartments Over Winter Break


Athens Police say dozens of students from Ohio University returned from holiday break to find their apartments ransacked.

Luke Grasso says he came home to kicked-in doors, wires strewn about and missing electronics.

"They took two TV's, Blurays, Xbox players - like basically as much as one or two people could carry," he said.

Grasso believes the thieves used a drill to get through the deadbolt on his bedroom door and says police believe the same criminals hit other homes in the area.

"(The detective) said there was another house that had all their locks drilled, maybe it's the same person. He said there were things missing from one house that were left at another house," he said.

Grasso believes the thieves possible broke in three times over a two week period.

Dana Zurchin also lives on Palmer Street and says she wasn't surprised to hear of the crimes.

"I was in and out a lot and nervous that people would notice that, but I just tried to take the precautions of keeping my light on my door locked," she said.

Athens Police say they've responded to a dozen break-in's and theft reports in the last two weeks and are asking students to be vigilant come Spring Break.

So far, no arrests have been made in the cases.