Thieves Steal Diapers, Baby’s First Curl From Woman’s Home


A young mother said that she is afraid to return home after burglars ransacked her apartment and stole everything – right down to her baby’s diapers.

Chantell Robinson said that she returned to her apartment in the 1500 block of Maynard Avenue and found her home ransacked.

Robinson, who has a 2-year-old son and a baby on the way, said that thieves took everything she had.

“I just walked into a house of hell,” Robinson said. “I just instantly started crying.”

Thieves left doors dented, shattered glass and slashes screens.

“They took my son’s diapers, my baby’s diapers, baby’s tubs, towels and washcloth, my towels, my washcloths,” Robinson said.

The burglars also stole a lock of her son’s hair.

“They took my son’s first curl, keepsake, the little scroll his birth certificate goes in, all the food out of the freezer,” Robinson said.

According to Robinson, she thinks she knows who broke into her apartment. She said that police did not investigate.

“He basically just told me, ‘Oh well, this happens a lot, sorry to say,’” Robinson said.

Robinson said that she did some investigating of her own, and she said that she discovered blood near the broken window. She is hopeful that DNA evidence will help identify who broke into her home.

All Robinson said that she has left is a determination to seek justice.

“I’m paranoid now, because what if me and my son were home?” Robinson said. “I’m five months pregnant. How am I going to defend me and my child?”

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