Thieves Rip Cash From 2-Year-Old’s Hands

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A family slept while thieves tore through a home just days after Christmas.

According to mother Danielle Mobley, burglars came into her west side home while her family was sleeping.

“My son had $6,” Mobley said. “He loves money, and he was sleeping with it, and they actually took my son’s $6.”

Mobley said that thieves punched in her window air conditioner and got into her home through a boarded up window.

“They took my phone off my charger, and they took all of my rent money that was lying on top of my dresser,” Mobley said.

The mother said that she is happy that her children were uninjured.

“I’m kind of glad that we didn’t wake up when they were in my room, because it could have been worse,” Mobley said. “They could have hurt one of my babies, and I wouldn’t have even known it.”

Two blocks away, Scott Moore said that he returned to his South Oakley Avenue home from a holiday trip when he noticed something was not right.

“I noticed some lights were on in the basement and other parts of the house, and I said, ‘I know I didn’t leave those lights on,’” Moore said.

Moore said that he looked around and found money and about 70 video games missing.

He said that he thought thieves got in through a back window and left with the stolen items through a side door.

“I’m changing my locks to deadbolts,” Moore said.

Mobley said that she is installing a security system and already is making plans to move.

“How can somebody be that heartless, to come inside someone’s house like that and take what they got,” Mobley said.

Police said it was unclear if the robbery and burglary were related.

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