Theft Ring Victims Must Replace Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Stolen Goods

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WBNS-10TV first reported the arrest of six people on Thursday with a theft ring that struck in six different counties.

On Friday, a central Ohio non-profit agency talked about what they lost to the ring.

"We're doing our best to get along with the money we have, and then you have something like this crop up. It's just a real shame,” said Nick Rees, President and CEO of The Buckeye Ranch.

Rees said his staff has been trying to figure out how to replace missing gutters from their Rosemont Center location.

"You definitely want to replace something like this before ice comes and snow,” he added.

It's not just one or two copper gutters that thieves stole. Rees said the thieves took an estimated $80,000 worth of gutters from just about every wing on the main building.

"And this is a huge building and there are several other buildings in the back too, that they've all been, that the gutters are stolen and of course there was some damage done when they were taken down,” said Rees.

Columbus police said Dennis Blake and Donald Blake are suspected of stealing the copper.

Police arrested the father and son along with four others accused of stealing items all over central Ohio and beyond.

The theft ring allegedly took classic cars, cleaning equipment and construction equipment among a number of victims.

Police said they have been able to return a good chunk of the stolen property to rightful owners, but the stolen copper may have already been scrapped.

Buckeye Ranch officials said they hope insurance helps cover the cost of the damage. If not, they say it's thousands of dollars down the drain that could have been helping kids.

All six people in the theft ring face charges that include receiving stolen property, breaking and entering, and theft.

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