Testimony Continues In Effort To Free Man Serving Life Sentence


It’s a highly unusual case that is pitting police against prosecutors in Richland County.

The case is also uniting a woman with the man convicted of killing her husband.

Janet Hale was not able to reach her husband at work on the morning of Aug. 11, 1998. She said she knew something wasn’t right.

What she didn't know then was that her husband had been severely beaten inside the Mansfield furniture store they owned. He died three days later, and for four years, his murder went unsolved.

That changed when Glenn Tinney, who was already jailed on an unrelated burglary, came forward and confessed.

Without any witnesses being called or evidence presented, Tinney was convicted, even without the knowledge of Mansfield Police or Ted White's widow.

“The prosecutor's office did nothing. They told me nothing. He was convicted, sentenced. It was a done deal, and I heard it on the radio. My sister called and told me,” said Hale.

Tinney's conviction never sat right with White's widow or with police.

At Hale’s request, Lt. John Wendling gave the case a second look.

“I’m looking at this case to give me one shred of evidence that says that man should be in jail for that homicide, and I can't find it,” said Wendling.

Police then took the extraordinary step of contacting the Ohio Innocence Project on Tinney's behalf.

Last week a forensic psychologist testified that Tinney was, and remains, severely mentally ill.

On Tuesday, Richland County prosecutors challenged Wendling's view of the evidence in court.

It’s been 24 years since his death and White's widow said she just wants the truth to come out.

“I want the person that murdered Ted to have to pay, not someone that is mentally ill and comes forward with a statement that you can't prove anything,” she said.

Testimony continues on Wednesday with the prosecution presenting the bulk of its case against Tinney.

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