Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars In Stolen Merchandise Recovered


Police report that one person has been arrested in connection with a house that they said was "full of stolen property."

Authorities served a search warrant at a house, located near S. 17th St. and Mithoff St. in southeast Columbus, and recovered thousands of dollars worth of stolen property.

The property included guns, televisions, power tools, computers, windows and even swords.

“People go out into the community and they'll break into garages, and they'll break into your home and they have to unload their stolen property somewhere, well, a fence is the person who ends up buying that,” Lt. Robert Strausbaugh, Columbus Police.

Authorities said that ‘fence’ is Lawaun Demont Divens, 36, who has been charged with receiving stolen property, which is a felony.

Although Divens just bonded out of jail a few days ago on charges of domestic violence and assault, he’s now going back.

“He's buying stolen property and in all likelihood, he's selling stolen property, as well,” said Strausbaugh.

Police told 10TV that they believe much of the merchandise may have been taken from the German Village area.

Chuck Gregory said his house was burglarized last month.

“I went downstairs, and it looked like a cyclone had hit my family house. I mean, it was just tore all up,” said Gregory.

He said thieves took most of his expensive hunting and fishing equipment, but officers returned those items quickly.

“What was missing is still my wallet, and my wife's cell phone, a couple diamond rings, a necklace, a bracelet,” added Gregory.

Detectives working his case called him here to Divens’ home, but unfortunately, nothing matched.

“I was holding out hope that this would be my stuff,” said Gregory.

Hope is not all lost for other victims.  Detectives will now sift thru all of the stolen goods to match serial numbers and, hopefully, find the rightful owners.

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