Teens Hide As Burglar Breaks Into Home With Propane Tank


A 14-year-old girl and her 13-year-old brother hid in a bedroom closet when a burglar broke into their home last week.

“I didn't know he was in my parents’ room until he slammed the door, and ran into my room and locked it,” said Simon. Simon and his family did not want to use their last names because they remain scared from the incident.

On Wednesday, Simon and his sister called 911 on the family cell phone after a burglar smashed a propane tank through the back window of their Ross Road home.

“Do you know if the person made it into your house or not?” said the 911 Dispatcher.

“We have an alarm system, and it didn't go off,” responded Simon.

The teens’ mother said her kids called her work, and she rushed home, also calling 911 on the way.

“I was so scared. I thought he did something to my kids,” said Frewini.

Once the burglar smashed through the window, police said he stuffed his pockets with cash and jewelry.

But police arrived before he could get away.

Authorities said the suspect jumped from a window onto the roof and then made his way to a fence to try and escape.

He nearly made it over the fence but police were able to grab him. At one point, he struck the officer, said police.

The man’s name is Anthony O’Dell.

According to the report, O’Dell tried to disarm another officer by trying to grab his gun and Taser. He threatened the officer by saying, “I’m going to kill you!”

Police said one officer had to strike O’Dell with his fists and knees in order to get him under arrest.

It's been a week since the crime, and the mother said her kids remain terrified.

“They say they don't want to stay in house no more by themselves,” added Frewini.

As for Simon, the shy 13-year-old has some advice for other kids who may find themselves in his shoes.

 “To have a plan in case something happens like this,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Simon's mom said she is grateful police arrived so quickly, all because of the quick actions of children.

According to police reports, O’Dell was high on cocaine and heroin at the time of his arrest. He faces charges of aggravated robbery, burglary and resisting arrest.

He also told police he burglarized the home to help pay off a debt to his drug dealer.

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