Teens To Be Charged As Criminal Gang

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The Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office plans to file charges against teenagers accused in three robberies and an assault.

Four teenagers will soon face felony charges for allegedly participating in a criminal gang, according to Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien.

Police say the teenagers were caught on surveillance video committing the crimes.

One was videotaped by a security camera at a Franklinton library, and the other was caught on camera on a COTA bus.

When it came down to their detention hearing, a magistrate in the case ruled the children should be placed on electronic monitoring over the objection of the prosecutor, who argued they needed to stay in detention.

“Our concern, in any case, is the safety of victims or witnesses, and we frequently ask that someone be detained in order threats or intimidation retaliation those kinds of things,” said O’Brien.

Franklin County Juvenile Court Magistrate Mary Goodrich told 10TV News that she weighed the argument from both the defense and the prosecutor and decided electronic monitoring was the least restrictive for the children.

She says because the children had no criminal record, their parents guaranteed their appearance at trial, and there was no safety concern to the community, she overruled the prosecutions objections.

Because the case only involved oral arguments the judge said the video that allegedly shows the teens committing the crimes was never shown.

The prosecutor says even so, the judge was read the allegations in the case.

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