Teen Violence Spikes Across Columbus This Summer

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In just 48 hours this weekend, four teens were shot.   It comes on the heels of several teen homicides this summer.

It was on the steps of a Lilly Avenue home where a 14-year-old was shot in his arm and leg Sunday night.  Following the violence, witness watched a dark-colored SUV speed away

On the same day, detectives were searching for the suspect in the latest teen shooting on the other side of town

It highlights the spike in teen violence across the city

Jeremiah Jackson says he could have been shot himself.  But, instead of enjoying his summer, he spent the day at the funeral of his closest friend, Amanda Kirwin.  “They (were) shooting and I was right by her,” Jackson recalls of the fateful day.  “That was my best friend.

Police say 16-year-old Donald Loper IV stood across Dana Avenue and opened fire, intending to shoot someone else, but killing Amanda instead.

Picutred: Amanda Kirwin

Susan Peters witnessed it all.  "I heard the pop, pop, pop, pop, and I saw the muzzle flashes from across the street.”  As she was reading on her porch last week, she saw Jackson and Kirwin hanging out when the gunman approached, but couldn't do anything to stop the fatal shots.

Now, she wants the teen violence to stop.  "I bought my property. I don't want to see property value go down. I don't want to see kids hurt. I don't want to see people hurt.

Jackson now sits where he almost lost his life; the place his friend did.  He hopes this weekend is the last of those his age to lose their life to violence.

A judge ruled that the teen police say is responsible for Kirwin’s death will be tried as an adult.