Teen Shot By Police After Car Chase, Foot Pursuit


Columbus Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting in the Gahanna area.

Police were originally called to 3015 Stirlingshire Court in Northeast Columbus on reports of a 17-year-old boy with a gun at a house.

When officers confronted the suspect, police say the man took off in a car.

Police say they spotted the car a short time later, with a woman inside.  They say the teen stopped the car and pushed out the woman.

Officers followed the teen until he ditched the car behind a church at the intersection of McCutcheon and Stygler Roads.

Police say the 17-year-old ran from the car about a quarter of a mile near Olde Ridenour Road and Stonegate Circle. 

Officers say he ran into a wooded area, with a ravine, and that is where they shot the suspect.

“We start with the information that the suspect has a gun, so until we find out differently.  We're going to treat it as a gun run, that there are lives at stake here.  Based upon what the officers witnessed, the male seemed to be acting in a reckless, dangerous manner,” said Columbus Police Sergeant David Pelphrey.

Sgt. Pelphrey says the teen had some sort of restraining order involving either the woman or the house.

Police say the woman is at home and uninjured.  Detectives are now speaking with her, as well as the officers involved in the shooting to figure out who opened fire and why.

The teen was taken to Grant Medical Hospital, said to be in critical condition.

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