Teen Robbed At Gunpoint Near OSU Campus


A young woman is warning people near The Ohio State University campus after two men with guns forced their way into her car and told her to start driving.

It happened in an alley behind the McDonald's near campus, just off of North High Street.

The 19-year-old says it started out as an unsuccessful trip for a late-night bite to eat, but turned into a terrifying situation.

She says her window was down in her car when she stopped for just a moment. Her credit card was in her hand and her purse was in her lap. That's when she says two men approached.

"I look up and he was there. He cocked his gun and said unlock your doors," said the young woman.

She says she does not want to reveal her identity on camera for fear of safety, but she wants to warn others.

"I was just scared. I knew he was going to kill me," she said.

The teen says one of the two young men, who forced their way into her car, had a gun to her head and ordered her to drive to an ATM.

"They were just saying, 'we want all the money, we want everything.' We need it all and made me take out $500 dollars."

Not only did they take the cash, she says the thieves took both her and her boyfriend's cell phones, the shoes off his feet, and his wallet.

She says they forced her to drop them off at an alley. That's when she says she drove to her parent's home for help.

"We were in bed asleep and next thing we know, she was literally shaken up, frantic and saying that she's been held up at gun point," said her father, Jerald Brown.

"And of course, I'm like yelling, 'are you ok? Are you ok?' Because I'm sleeping and then to wake up to my daughter's been robbed at gunpoint. My heart just dropped," said her mother, Satina Brown.

The victim's parents say they are now frustrated knowing the armed thieves are still on the loose.

"We don't want this to happen to someone else. Next time, someone could be killed. They had a gun on them and they said, that they wanted to kill them, and they got away, so that was a blessing. So, the next person might not get away," said Satina Brown.

These parents warn everyone to be alert, especially at night and in dark alleys. They hope police act quickly and catch the criminals before they strike again.