Teen Felons Come To Rescue Of Seizing Counselor During Football Outing

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Sometimes, people wonder if young people with bad backgrounds can find the right way.

Tammy Bauman knows they can. Her most recent proof came a few Saturdays ago.

Bauman is the executive director of the Hocking Valley Community Residential Center, where teens serve time for things like property crime.

Good behavior meant that Steven, Carlis and Nathan, three teens convicted on felony charges, got to leave the center with a counselor to see an Ohio University football game.

While driving along U.S. Route 33, the fun trip took a serious turn. The youth counselor stopped the car.

"Chris pulls over the car and starts having a seizure," Steven said.

Nathan said that Carlis immediately jumped out of the vehicle and started yelling for help.

"I was like, 'Stop, stop!'" Carlis said.

During the ordeal, counselor Chris Welch came to and tried to walk around the car. Steven was there to catch him.

"He faints, I catch him, lower him to the ground," Steven said. "He was having a seizure again."

The report of what happened that day and how the boys helped brought Bauman to tears.

"The behavior doesn't get much better than this," Bauman said. "Of coming to the aid of a staff member when every opportunity to make a negative choice was right in front of them."

Welch said he was thankful for what happened.

"Oh yeah, they would have taken my wallet, my iPhone and rolled me out of the car," Welch said. "There was a tank full of gas, pocket full of money. Before I woke up, they could have been half way to Columbus."

The boys said they didn't even think of leaving.

"Chris is an alright guy," Nathan said. "I figured he'd help me in the same situation."

Nathan said there was a good lesson that came from a bad situation.

"Not to judge a book by the cover," he said.

It's one of those little phrases you hear time and time again that couldn't be more true.

"It's a good group of boys," Welch said.

Each of the teens said they'd like to continue their education when they get out of detention.

They say they want to make their families proud.

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