Teen Eyewitnesses Testify At Steubenville Rape Trial


Three teenagers, who say they were eyewitnesses, testified in the Steubenville rape trial on Friday.

Defendents Trent Mays and Ma’Lik Richmond are accused in the rape of a teenage victim at a party last August.

The testimony from the other teenage boys who watched the alleged attacks is a crucial part of the state's evidence because the girl says she doesn't remember what happened.

The teens who testified were granted immunity from the judge.

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On the stand on Friday, a 17-year-old testified he witnessed part of an alleged sexual assault as a group of teens drove back to his house. He said he was in the back seat with the victim and defendant Mays.

He said the victim’s shirt was off and Mays performed a sex act on her. The witness said he recorded the act on his phone but then deleted it.

A second witness, an 18-year-old, testified that he was the person who recorded another teen joking about the alleged attack.

The 18-year-old testified that he recorded that video after a group of teens he was with started to comment about pictures and text messages being sent about what was happening to the victim.

The witness also said that Mays and Richmond attempted to perform sex acts on the alleged victim when she appeared to be, in his words, “dead.”

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The third teenager who took the stand said that he saw the alleged victim lying on the basement floor, naked, and the defendants attempted to perform a sex act on her. The witness said he took two cell phone pictures of the incident.

All three alleged witnesses spoke to seeing different parts of the alleged rape as the victim moved from different homes during the night of partying.

Testimony was scheduled to go until 9 p.m. Friday evening and continue on the weekend.

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