Teen In Craigslist Killing Plot Sentenced To Life In Prison Without Parole

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An Ohio teenager hoping for leniency was sentenced to life in prison in connection with a deadly plot to lure men with phony Craigslist job offers.
Brogan Rafferty, 17, will not receive a chance for parole.

The jury rejected the defense claim that Rafferty feared for his life if he didn't cooperate with co-defendant Richard Beasley.

In court, Rafferty said he'd been sitting in jail for a year, thinking about what had happened in those three months both in Summit and Noble counties.

"I thought that this was something horrible, and again evil, but again, I was still a part of it," said Rafferty.

He has been convicted in the murder of three men, and the attempted murder of another.

"And I think that, if I've been through hell and back, as I believe I have…then they must be living there," said Rafferty.

Rafferty said that he wishes he could have stopped what happened and felt powerless at the time.

Family and friends close to the victims gave one last emotional plea before Rafferty learned his sentence.

"He was shot in the head and thrown in the dirt for what, for someone else's benefit," said Summer Rowley, family friend of Ralph Geiger.
"You really are a cold hearted and sick person with no regard of human life," said Lori Hildreth, Scott Davis's sister.

"You know nothing of remorse, nothing of shame, nothing of God yet, but Brogan, mark my words, God's kingdom is coming and you will be dealt with what you've done," said Barb Dailey,
Timothy Kern's sister.

The defense argued that Rafferty regrets the killings and was influenced by Beasley.

But the judge said she felt there was enough time between the murder of three men and attempted murder of another, for Rafferty to seek help.

"You embraced evil, you studied it, you continued with it," said Judge Lynne Callahan. "The only sentence that the court deems proportionate to the crimes you've committed, is life imprisonment without possibility of parole."

Rafferty was earlier found guilty of the following counts:
 •    Nine counts of Aggravated Murder with firearm specifications
 •    One count of Attempted Murder with a firearm specification
 •    Four counts of Aggravated Robbery, a felony of the first degree, with firearm specifications
 •    Four counts of Kidnapping, a felony of the first degree
 •    One count of Grand Theft, a felony of the third degree
 •    One count of Grand Theft, a felony of the fourth degree
 •    Receiving Stolen Property, a felony of the fourth degree
 •    Three counts of Petty Theft, a misdemeanor of the first degree
Fifty-three-year-old Beasley has pleaded not guilty and will be tried in January.