Teen Clearing Driveways Dragged By Would-Be Thief Trying To Take 4-Wheeler

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A 16-year-old Columbus boy says he was dragged nearly a half mile through a frozen field by a man trying to steal his 4-wheeler.

The man accused in the crime also allegedly robbed his 81 year old grandfather.

Robert Cramer says he was using his ATV to clear driveways on Sunday when the suspect hired him to plow a parking lot. Cramer gave him a ride there.  

“I was driving.  He was sitting behind me facing the same way,” explained Cramer.

Cramer says they got as far as this field off of Eakin Road, near Hilltonia Middle School. That's when he says he was attacked.

“He punched me, threw me off. I grabbed on to the back rack and we went around the field for a while.”

All he could do was hold on.

“At one point he said if I didn't let go he would shoot me, and I didn't let go.”

Eventually, his strength gave out.

The teen's father, Robert Cramer Sr., says his son is lucky he wasn't seriously hurt.

“Once we went and measured it all off, I said ‘Dude, you should have let go long before. Don't do that again.’  That's my boy,” said the father.

Robert Senior says he drove his truck through the field, following the quad's tire tracks to measure the distance.  He says his son was dragged nearly fourth tenths of a mile before he finally let go.

The family says it took police only a few hours to find the stolen quad and arrest the suspect

Denver Spencer III, 23, is also facing robbery charges for an unrelated incident in August when police say he put his own 81-year old grandfather in a choke hold to steal money from his pockets.

The Cramer family says he belongs behind bars.

Robert Cramer says he feels sore, and the vehicle needs some repairs.

Spencer is charged with aggravated robbery and remains in jail tonight.