Technology Could Crack Cold Case

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Searchers braved the cold weather on Tuesday trying to crack a 5-year-old mystery.

Tony Luzio Jr. was last seen on July 4, 2005.

His family believes he was the victim of foul play and now they hope new technology will help find him, 10TV's Ashleigh Barry reported.

Dennis Waters works closely with Texas-based Equusearch, an organization dedicated to searching and recovering missing people.

"We've always felt since I was made aware of this case that Tony is findable," Waters said. "We just have to look in the right spot."

Searchers spent the day scouring retention ponds off of Rutherford Road in southern Delaware County.

The area is where Luzio was last seen alive.

With a simple twist of the controls, searchers are able to rule out certain bodies of water in a matter of minutes.

The sonar technology inside of the equipment is the same that other agencies have used in their search efforts but Waters' design may give them the advantage this time, Barry reported.

"We just packaged it differently so we can apply it different," Waters said. "It allows us to go into places that a normal boat can't go."

The search turned up empty but the results were still meaningful.

"I'm going to go home knowing where he's not, at the minimum, and that's peace of mind for me because we've always had doubts about this reservoir," Waters said.

Alum Creek and retention ponds near Luzio's apartment complex in Powell were also searched.

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