Teacher's Aide License Revoked After Child Dragged


The Ohio Department of Education revoked the license of a Columbus City School's teacher's aide Tuesday.

The Ohio State Board of Education revoked the teacher's aid license of Mary Creedon, 63. They say it's in response for conduct "unbecoming of a teacher."

"This aide dragged a student down a hallway inappropriately." said John Charlton, a spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Education.

The State Board of Education report released their findings on Tuesday. It said the incident took place in November 2011 at the Livingston Avenue Elementary School in South Columbus.
At the time, state officials said the 4-year-old student suffered from separation anxiety.

"Typically, when the student did not want to do something, they would basically fall to the floor to be dead weight." said Charlton.  

The report said when a student drops to the floor, the protocol "is to allow them to remain there, attempt to verbalize with them to end the conduct, and if it continues for a lengthy time, contact the office for a peak teacher or the principal."

"The aide was told by the teacher to wait with the student to let the student stay on the floor." Charlton told 10TV's Jason Frazer

Instead the report said Creedon dragged the 4-year-old "twenty feet down a hallway." The report said when Creedon was confronted about what happened "Ms. Creedon initially denied what she had done."

"The aide did not obey the teacher. The aide was inappropriate with the student." says Charlton.

Creedon will not be allowed to teach in the state of Ohio.

"If she were to try and become licensed, it would obviously pop up on a screen that she should not have license." said Charlton.

10TV stopped by Creedon's home. A woman who identified herself as her sister declined comment.

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