Teacher On Trial For Allegedly Sexually Abusing Student More Than A Decade Ago


A teacher from a now defunct religious school is standing trial, accused of sexually assaulting a student more than a decade ago.

In court, prosecutors said that the 22-year-old woman came forward to Delaware police last year and said that a former teacher, identified as Nickolas Mears, sexually assaulted her.

The woman, who 10TV News did not name to protect her identity, said that she was a seventh-grader student when the alleged assault occurred more than a decade ago at the new defunct Bethany Christian Academy, a school her parents helped found.

“Everybody talks about how difficult it is to tell a parent about it,” the woman said in court on Wednesday. “It is really difficult for a kid to come forward, especially (about) someone they trusted.”

The woman told the court that Mears first touched her during a fall hayride when she was 12.

She said that the final incident occurred inside of the prophet’s chamber, which is a living area for school visitors. Her father walked in on it.

In court on Wednesday, the woman broke down in tears and described why she kept the alleged assault a secret from her mother for so long.

“How could I tell her what happened? She loved me so much. I was too scared,” the woman said.

The woman’s mother also took the stand and said she was oblivious to the alleged sexual abuse of her daughter by a teacher who she helped hire.

Mears showed little emotion in court, and his family members offered no comment to 10TV News.

The trail is expected to last the rest of the week.

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