Tape Used To Bound Victim Provides DNA To Solve Case After 8 Years

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Franklin County Sheriff’s detectives worked to piece together a violent assault that was solved after nearly a decade.

Detectives described what happened.

“(The victim) tried to hold the door shut. He shot through the door. At that time, she let go of it, took off running through the house,” explained Det. Chuck Clark.

The suspect entered through the garage and detectives describe what the victim was put through that day as "pure hell.”

“Yanking her around by the hair, he kept asking ‘Where's the money, where's the money, where's the money?’” Clark said.

The victim gave him what little she had while he forced her from room-to-room. The intruder may have then started thinking about his getaway.

“He bound her with tape, shoved her in a closet. She didn't have any idea if he was going to kill her, sexually assault her, what he was going to do,” said Clark.

Fortunately, he just left, but what he left behind would ultimately lead detectives to the suspect.

“The tape that she was bound with, that he used to wrap around her wrist, that was sent in to the lab and that's what the DNA hit came back on,” said Clark.

The victim told detectives she remembered the suspect wearing rubber gloves. One had a rip in the finger so he could have left behind skin cells. Or if he ripped it with his teeth, he could have left behind saliva.

The DNA testing came back with a name. Authorities said it was only a one in 14 quadrillion chance that it was someone other Douglas Ingram.

Ingram, 62, was already in federal prison out of state for previous crimes he committed.

Court records show he was indicted on half a dozen more charges in Ohio.

But Franklin County is no longer seeking prosecution in the case because a little more than a month ago, Ingram had a heart attack and died in prison while waiting to come to Columbus and answer to charges.

“(The victim) was wanting him to be put away for a lot of years, so he wouldn't get out and do that to anybody else,” said Clark.

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