SWAT Raids Several Locations Across West Columbus


Stolen cars.  Stolen parts.  Fake titles. 

Franklin County prosecutors say investigators are busting up what appears to be an organized criminal enterprise and officials say it involves a network of chop shops across west Columbus.

10TV has chosen not to show the faces of the undercover investigators and federal agents who meticulously picked through the parking lot checking VIN identification numbers on each car, marking some and packing possible evidence into a large truck parked behind the business. 

Less than a mile away on Hayden Avenue, the Columbus SWAT team rattled the neighborhood when officers stormed a house and investigators flooded the back yard, again checking VIN numbers on trailers and searching a garage.

OHP is staying tight lipped about what it calls an ongoing investigation.

Investigators won't say whether today's raids are related to another suspected chop shop bust last Monday on McKinley Avenue.  

Flat bed trucks were seeing carrying different parts of cars from side panels, to mufflers, radiators and cabs.

Sources tell 10TV the shop was stealing cars then chopping the parts to be placed on other cars.

OHP did say today's raids netted four arrests, including a man led away in handcuffs from a tire shop at Sullivant Avenue and Eureka.  Investigators say those arrested could face charges including vehicle theft, title fraud, and drug trafficking.

OHP hasn't released the names of the people who were taken into custody today, and says it's possible there could be more arrests as the investigation continues.