SWACO Targets Illegal Dumping In Specific Central Ohio Communities

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Dumping trash on public property is a crime, and now, the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio wants to make sure residents know that.

The agency launched a new signage campaign targeting illegal dumping in specific communities.

Westerville’s director of public service said the suburb is partnering with SWACO to crack down on illegal dumping.

“This is one way to make people aware there is illegal dumping, not necessarily in Westerville, but not too far off,” said Frank Wiseman, the Westerville Director of Public Service.

Illegal dumping is more than old tires and chemicals, it is also dumping private trash in public on public property.

Last April, a man was sentenced to three years in prison for collecting trash at an illegal dumpsite in the middle of a Columbus neighborhood.

Wiseman said large or small, dumping of any kind can impact the environment.

“Tires along a stream bed is not only unsightly, it disturbs the water flow and provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes,” Wiseman said.

Because of this, Westerville is putting up signs and taking a proactive approach to prevent dumping.

In 2012, SWACO received more than 2,100 leads from its dumping hotline.

A total of 15 Franklin County communities are participating in the program and are in the process of erecting the illegal dumping signs.

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