SUV Slams Into Daycare, Sending Four Adults To The Hospital

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A speeding car slammed through the wall of a building in northeast Columbus early Friday morning, leaving four people hurt.

The crash happened at the intersection of Cleveland and Milford Avenues around 1 a.m.

Police said three cars collided at the intersection and one of those cars then hit the building, which housed a daycare center.

Sean Rogers witnessed the SUV on Cleveland Avenue lose control and smash into the building. “He came down going southbound and he weaved to the left lane, hit this one white car, and he went flying right across this grass right into building,” Rogers recalls.

Following the crash, Rogers ran to pull victims to safety.  He says at least one person in the car wasn't responding.

Luckily, the daycare wasn't open yet, and no children were inside at the time of the accident.  However, four people were rushed to the hospital, including one person in critical condition. Three others suffered minor injuries.

Police say speed was a factor in the crash.  There are no charges filed yet, but police tell 10TV they are pending.