Suspicious Man Follows Teenagers Repeatedly


Two teenagers said they were repeatedly followed by a man in their South Columbus neighborhood.
Sieara Phillips and Jesse Hensley are still on edge after the Monday night incident.
The teenagers said they were walking near Parsons and East Innis Avenues.
They said a suspicious man started following them in his car and they tried to get away.
"When he came down the one-way street, I knew he's really going to try to grab us." Phillips said.
Phillips said the man started to get out of his car. The teenagers ran into a nearby bar to seek shelter.
After a while inside the bar, the teenagers came out of the bar and started walking home.
They said that's when they saw the stranger again. He was sitting in his car and looking at them.
"He was just sitting there." Hensley said.
The women said their boyfriends eventually came to walk them back home.
The stranger wasn't done. The women said he was still watching them, and showed up again outside their home.
 "He was motioning me to come in the car." Phillips said.
She said they called police and the man took off.
Now, the women are being extra careful and they are not walking alone anymore.
The women said the man was driving a black Honda Civic. He's described as being in his 50's or 60s, heavy-set and had a long beard. Columbus Police are investigating.
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