Suspended AG Administrator Tied Into Other Crash


The father of the woman who claimed she was sexually harassed while working for Attorney General Marc Dann said that the man at the center of the investigation caused his family another problem.

Chris Stout said that Anthony Gutierrez, the agency's director of general services, was driving a black Chevrolet Suburban, backed into his truck and left visible damage.

Stout told 10 Investigates' Paul Aker that Gutierrez essentially struck the truck and left the scene.

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"They didn't stop," Stout said.  "They didn't get out.  They knew they hit (the truck) and then they went on."

Gutierrez, 50, was recently suspended from his position of overseeing the office's fleet of 254 vehicles and the service garage at the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, 10TV News reported.

Stout was not home and did not see the wreck.  At least one neighbor who spoke with 10 Investigates saw it happen.  When Stout learned of the incident, he called police.

"Somebody just backed into my truck," Stout told a 911 operator.  "(I'm) not sure if it's an emergency or not, but they took off.  They were in a black Suburban.  They live across the street from me."

Records obtained by 10 Investigates showed that a Columbus police officer responded but did not file a report.  According to Stout, he did not ask for a report so police never investigated the incident.

At the time, Gutierrez, Dann and Leo Jennings III, the agency's communications director, lived in a northwest side condominium across the street from Stout and his daughter, Vanessa.

She and another woman have accused Gutierrez of pressuring them for sex at the office and at the condominium the men shared, 10TV News reported.

Vanessa Stout later confronted Gutierrez and told attorney generals' investigators that she had never met Gutierrez until the day of the crash.  The Stouts' version of events is supported by records we obtained.

10 Investigates confirmed that Gutierrez was driving the Suburban on the day of the collision.  State travel logs show that he signed for gasoline in the Suburban on Aug. 15, 2007, the same day the 911 call was placed.

The attorney general's office acknowledges that Gutierrez' assistant knew about the crash.  The document that was just released following our inquiry, confirmed that the assistant filled out a partial loss report.  She even called Chris Stout and made an offer to make things right, Aker reported.

10 Investigates caught up with Gutierrez at his Youngstown home after neither he nor his attorney returned our phone calls.

Gutierrez denied any hit-and-run but declined to take further questions.

His boss, Dann, has also declined to comment.  A spokesman said that the allegations came as a surprise and the accident was never officially reported. 

Chris Stout said that it is hard to believe Gutierrez's friend, former roommate and Ohio Attorney General never knew about the crash.

"All they're doing is spinning and they're not going to get away with it," Chris Stout said. 

Cindy Stankoski, who also worked in the attorney general's office, filed a complaint with Columbus police, alleging that in September, Gutierrez invited her back to Dann's condominium for pizza after a night of drinking and awakened with her pants unbuttoned and Gutierrez next to her in his underwear.

Police declined to press charges against Gutierrez in the incident.
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