Suspect Arrested Following Teen’s Fatal Shooting


A teenager has been arrested in connection to the murder of a 17-year-old girl.

S.W.A.T. officers have arrested 15-year-old Tayon Dunson. Authorities said Dunson admitted that he was involved in the shooting.

The shooting occurred inside a home on the 1200 block of South Champion Avenue in east Columbus around 10 p.m. Monday.

Police tell 10TV that Shevona Whitehead was inside the home when the gun went off.  Whitehead was struck by a bullet in the upper body.  

Following the shooting, the 17-year-old was taken to the hospital, where she later died.


Pictured: Shevona Whitehead

There were several people in the home at the time of the shooting.  Police say 15 year-old Tayon Dunson had a gun and it went off, possibly by accident, witnesses say.

The boy decided to run rather than help. He's now been charged with murder.

Shevona’s mother, Danielle, says she can’t believe her daughter is gone.  “I feel like my baby was murdered in cold blood.  It took me and my sisters and that's all we had was us, us family!”

Danielle says her other daughter - Shevona’s younger sister - was there and watched it happen.  "She was holding her, told her to hold on, breathe.”  Now, the whole family is aching.

Dunson faces a delinquency murder charge.

Pictured: Tayon Dunson