Surveillance Video Catches Woman Dumping Deposit Slips, Contracts From Storage Facility In Trash

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A woman whose documents were dumped for anyone to find says she is scared of what could have happened if her information got into the wrong hands.

A north side resident said that his security cameras captured a woman drive up to the edge of Kenlawn Park, near Cleveland Avenue, and leave behind a tub and two trash bags full of garbage. She then drove away.

“I took it in the garage just to get it out of the way and started looking, and low and behold, there’s all sorts of pertinent information in there,” resident Brad Morgan said.

Morgan said that mixed in with the trash were dozens of documents from the Public Storage facility located on Morse Road.

“Here’s delinquent accounts with everybody’s information,” Morgan said. “It’s just crazy, I mean, why would you dump this?”

Bank deposit slips, payment information and signed contracts were among the personal information inside the trash bags.

Jennifer McDonald said that her name and address was inside the bag on a lease agreement. That is how 10TV News tracked her down.

McDonald said that every bit of information she gave the storage facility was inside the bag.

“My driver’s license number, phone numbers, just about everything,” McDonald said. “That’s wrong. They should have shredded all that stuff.”

10TV contacted the Public Storage facility for answers and was directed to a corporate spokesman in California. The spokesman said that the company did not immediately have a comment but was taking the matter seriously.

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