Surveillance Camera Catches Image of Vandalism Suspect In Upper Arlington

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New video shows a vandal after he tagged a home in Upper Arlington.

It's the latest in a string of vandalism in the city since July. Police have documented at least 20 cases this summer.

The vandals work was all over the neighborhood a few days ago when Erick Arce took his dog for a walk.

"The street signs, a stop sign, speed limit sign, a car on the neighboring street was also hit," said Arce.

Arce's son discovered vandals targeted their home as well.

"He said 'did you look at the side of the house?'" Arce said.

Arce found a swear word followed by the word cops on his home. He is not an officer so Arce knew it wasn't personal.

Arce and his neighbors still feel targeted.

"Certainly around the neighborhood everybody has been talking about it."

"Originally, I thought it was just a prank but this has been going on for a while now and it's beyond a prank," Arce said.

One of Arce's neighbors captured a vandalism suspect on camera with a spray paint can in his hand. He walks backwards out of the driveway as if he is admiring his work.

"It may seem funny to them or cute to them but they're actually doing a lot of damage monetarily," Upper Arlington Officer Shawn Paynter.

The vandals also painted city signs.

Upper Arlington Police are still working to figure out if roughly 20 incidents are the work of one person, or more.

Anyone with information about the vandalism should call Upper Arlington police at 614-583-5150.