Support Grows For Teacher Fired For Being Gay

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Weeks after a Columbus Catholic school teacher lost her job over her sexual orientation, support for Carla Hale is only growing.

On Friday, dozens of demonstrators protested outside the Columbus Diocese offices Downtown.

And they had some controversial company.    

Among the “Halestorm Ohio” activists were Bishop Watterson graduates and parents of graduates.

Watterson parent Paulette Cadmus says Hale's firing illustrates the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church.

"Carla Hale was reportedly fired for immoral conduct. And yet we do not find out what heterosexual teachers are doing in their personal lives."

The international hacking group, or hacktivist group, known as “Anonymous” this week joined the Carla Hale cause with an online call to arms.

"It is time to occupy the Columbus Catholic Diocese," said a video posted on YouTube.

A few of the “Anonymous” army turned out Friday, wearing their trademark masks.

And they are threatening to expose information about Bishop Watterson principal Marian Hutson.

An “Anonymous” activist who identified himself as “Alfy Penny” spoke on Friday.

"We demand that by Monday, there's a public apology from both Bishop Campbell and Marian Hutson for putting Carla Hale through this, and that they reinstate her,” he said. “If they don't, we're going to release our first docs that we've collected on Miss Marian Hutson."

Penny said that he did not believe that what the group was asking for was considered blackmail or threats.

“We don't make threats,” said Penny. “We stand good on their promises. All we're doing is supplying people with what’s mostly public information which they should know, which proves the hypocrisy in this situation."

Carla Hale’s attorney says she is “horrified” by the tactics of “Anonymous.”

Tom Tootle said in a statement to 10TV News on Friday: "An anonymous letter brought the personal details of Carla Hale’s private life out during a time of grief.  She would never wish that on anyone else."
A spokesperson for the Diocese of Columbus declined comment.

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