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Friends and neighbors gathered on Saturday morning to search for two women and two children who disappeared earlier in the week.

Tina Herrmann, 32 , her children Sarah Maynard, 13, and Kody Maynard, 11, were last seen on Wednesday, 10TV News reported.

Herrmann's friend, Stephanie Sprang, 41, also disappeared.

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"Detectives are interviewing family members, friends and acquaintances," said Knox County Sheriff David Barber.  "Right now, there is no indication that they were abducted."

Investigators spent Friday searching through Herrmann's King Beach Drive home for clues as to why the four disappeared.

Even though blood was found inside the home, police said that they did not believe it came from a struggle, but from an injury at least one of the missing people sustained.

Barber said they were treating the disappearance as a missing person's case.

Larry Maynard, the father of the two children, said that one of Herrmann's co-workers at Dairy Queen, located at 1600 Coshocton Ave., in Mount Vernon, went to check on her after she did not show up for her Thursday shift.  The co-worker told him that she found blood and beer cans when she peeked inside the windows before calling 911.

Greg Borders, who shares the house with Herrmann and her two children, said that he left for work early Wednesday and then spent the night at a friend's house in Urbana, Ohio.

Borders admitted that their six-year relationship was shaky but told 10TV News that he would never hurt Herrmann or her children.

"I mean, there were arguments every once in awhile and disagreements, but I was still watching her kids at night when she went to work," Borders said.  "I think something bad happened."

Herrmann's pickup was discovered late Thursday night near the Kenyon College campus in nearby Gambier.

According to Larry Maynard, Herrmann and Borders were having problems and she needed to get away from him.  Larry Maynard told 10TV News that Herrmann was searching for a new place to live and that his children often spoke of problems in the house.

"The kids have told me when (Borders) gets drunk, he becomes somewhat violent," Larry Maynard said.  "He throws beer bottles at the pickup truck if their mom tries to leave.  He broke the garage door.  He gets real vulgar, belligerent when he's drunk."

Borders admitted that the situation was not ideal but the reports of a volatile relationship were not true.

"We were fairly civil," Borders said.  "I mean, as civil as you can be living in the same house when you are split up."

"I'm expecting the worst and hoping for the best," Larry Maynard said.

Sarah M. Maynard is 5 feet tall, weighing 90 pounds, with blonde hair and green eyes.

Kody A. Maynard was described as 4 feet, 10 inches tall, weighing 70 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes.

Sprang is 5 feet, 3 inches tall, weighing 110 pounds, with blonde hair and green eyes.

Herrmann was described as 5 feet, 6 inches tall, weighing 122 pounds, with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes.

Investigators said they are treating this as a missing person's case, and they have no suspects and no persons of interest.

""I'm hoping that they find them and they are safe and Kody and (Sarah) are back in school," said Morgan McCarthy, a friend who created a Facebook page to coordinate information about the missing people. 

As of late Friday, more than 600 people joined the group, 10TV's Jason Frazer reported.

The page has been filled with messages of prayers and pictures of the missing people.

"I'm hoping that someone will see the (missing people) at the gas station where they might be on vacation or something and they say, 'Hey, people are looking for you,'" said Rebecca Cook, a friend of the children.

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