Sunbury Residents Question Tactics of Solicitor


Some people in Sunbury are complaining about a pushy solicitor.

Police in the village said they have taken complaints from residents who said the saleswoman asks inappropriate personal questions.

Several residents have called police to report the saleswoman, who they said has an overly aggressive approach.

Police tell 10TV the woman did register with the department and according to her business identification card; she works for a Tennessee-based company called Southwestern Advantage. The woman has been going door-to-door selling educational material.

10TV spoke with one Sunbury resident, who said while the company may be legitimate, the sales tactics are misleading.

“You know when someone is telling you they work for your school district, and they really are not affiliated whatsoever, that is not okay. I'm sure a lot of people who didn't do their homework or didn't know or hadn't heard in advance thought I'm going to support my district by doing this – and, it's not supporting the district at all,” said Michelle Fuchs.

The Big Walnut School District told 10TV that officials sent out an automated call advising parents that the saleswoman is in no way affiliated with the district.

Police said, at this point, they are not aware of the woman doing anything illegal. They said if they continue to receive complaints, they will ask her to leave.

10TV reached out to Southwestern Advantage and a company spokesman said that often people do mistake the company's salespeople as working on behalf of a local district, but identification badges worn by sales representatives and forms given to prospective customers indicate that the company is not affiliated with a specific district.

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