Stun Gun Used To Rob, Abduct Woman From Outside Of Mansfield Bar

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Angela Garris said the incident started when a man walked up to her Saturday afternoon outside of a Mansfield bar.

“He walked up to me and said ‘Hey Ange, what's up?’” said Garris.

But the friendly greeting was followed by violence, according to Garris.

She said that 23-year-old Jerrold Meyers, Jr. used a stun gun on her side and pushed her into a car.

When deputies arrested Meyers, they found a stun gun that he allegedly used in the crime. Garris said that was not the only thing he used to hurt her.

“As soon as he got in, he turned around and hauled off and started punching
me in the face,” said Garris.

As she rode in his car, Meyers kept demanding money, said Garris. He continued to use the stun gun on her and accused her of lying.

Eventually, she relented and gave him $112 that she had under her shirt.

Meyers apparently made one last threat.

“(He said) if you call the cops, if there's a police report, I know everywhere you stay.
I’m going to shoot your house up. I'll shoot your kids,” said Garris.

Finally, Meyers pushed Garris from the car and told her to lie face down and start counting.

“I laid there and counted to 32, and looked up, and he was gone,” she said.

This mother said the fear remains, especially for her two children.

A judge set a half million dollar bond for Meyers on Monday.

Deputies are continuing their search for another person who was in the car.