Students Fight For Teacher Who They Say Was Fired For Sexual Orientation


A teacher at Bishop Watterson High School is out of a job, and her firing has created a storm of criticism.

Sources tell 10TV that gym teacher Carla Hale was let go the end of March, a month after an obituary of Hale's mother appeared in the Columbus Dispatch. Carla Hale is listed as a survivor with her partner, Julie, in parentheses.

The sources also said that someone then sent a complaint letter to the Catholic diocese and within weeks, Hale was out of a job.

Former Bishop Watterson students Adell Wagy and Natalie Hornback are now students at Ohio State University.

They say that they are disappointed but not surprised that their former gym teacher is out of a job.

An attorney for Hale said she was fired from her position at Bishop Watterson High School after 19 years on the job.

"I think it's wrong,” said Hornback.

"It's very hypocritical in my eyes,” said Wagy.

They are not alone in their condemnation.  

Hale's termination has fueled hundreds of comments on social media, tagged on Twitter with #halestorm.

"She would always push us to go and do our best,” added Adell.

"She was all about teamwork, and just treating everybody with respect, she was just very respectful,” said Hornback.

10TV asked the diocese about the firing, but a spokesman said that "personnel matters are, by diocesan policy, confidential."

More than 3,000 individuals have signed an online petition, appealing to the diocese to give Hale her job back.

"I think if there's one thing I got out of my education at Watterson, it's to see God in everybody, and so I think by saying she can't teach there because of her sexuality - is just completely contradicting what we've been taught for those four years,” said Hornbeck.

Hale’s attorney said she is now exploring her legal options and would like to get her job back.

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