Student Arrested In Connection With Alleged Lancaster High School 'Hit List'

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A student was questioned and charged in connection with a threat at Lancaster High School.

According to the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office, a student was arrested on Thursday after an alleged "hit list" was reported.

Sheriff Dave Phalen said that the list was left in an office where students serve suspensions. 

After arresting the student on Thursday, deputies charged the 17-year-old male with inducing panic.

Phalen said that he did not believe there was an actual threat but that the student was just trying to "stir up trouble." He also said that he did not believe the student had the intention or ability to follow through with any of the threats.

“The vast majority of these threats are just that – there’s no intention to follow through on them,” Phalen said. “Second to that, we are always going to take this seriously. We are going to have a number of deputies, as well as Lancaster police officers, stationed at the school tomorrow morning, just to make sure everything goes smoothly.”

Lancaster Superintendent Steve Wigton told 10TV News that the district was working closely with Lancaster police and the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office.

Phalen said that another student earlier in the week allegedly made a threat on Facebook. That student was arrested in connection with the alleged threat.

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