Student Aide Working Closely With Children Diagnosed With The Mumps


The Ohio State University says one of their student aides working at a child care center has been diagnosed with the mumps. The center sent this letter home to parents Wednesday:

"We wanted to make you aware that on April 22, we received information that one of our Student Aides, who was assigned to Classroom 3, was diagnosed with suspected mumps."

This leaves more than 100 parents scrambling to check their child's vaccination status. One of those parents told 10TV that the room the aide worked in was where infants and toddlers are cared for.
The school is fighting the risk of contamination by cleaning everything in the rooms every day.

Doctors say anyone who only received one dose of the MMR vaccine should get their second vaccination as soon as possible. Also, anyone born before 1987 likely only received just one dose of the vaccine and will need another shot.

Columbus Public Health reported as of Wednesday, April 23rd there are 269 cases reported in Franklin and Delaware Counties. 162 of those cases are linked to the Ohio State University.

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