Strong Storms Cause Damage Across Worthington


Mother Nature left a path of tree limbs and debris scattered along Worthington roads Monday night.

"It was coming through really hard. Ten minutes, you couldn't see a hand in front of your face. It was raining so hard and so fast," said resident Kevin Stotts.

In the middle of it all, a giant oak split in two and crashed on a home on Stafford Avenue.

"I don't know how old it is but it has to be hundreds, 200 years," said former homeowner Ed Buxton.

The size and strength of the old tree crumpled the roof in several places. One place was the top of the home.

"The kids usually play on the third floor and they weren't playing up there at the moment so that is very lucky," said Stotts.

Part of the tree landed on the back of the home where an addition was just getting the finishing touches.

"All new construction, they've been working on since last October and it just makes me sick," said Stotts.

"It's just a tremendous tree and it did tremendous damage to these peoples' house," said Buxton.

It used to be Buxton's house. He warily watched the tree for years, afraid it would come down.

"Yeah we were, we were," Buxton said, "There had been some potential problems in the past but they had cables put in it to kind of keep it together."

This time the cables snapped and the tree got loose. It's not the only tree that couldn't stand up to the storm. Several others lost limbs or severed at the trunk. The storm was quick but powerful, leaving a lot to clean up.