Strong Overnight Storm Hammers Delaware Business


Last night’s strong storm struck one business owner in Delaware particularly hard. 

Today, Harold Rittenhouse got his first real look at the destruction caused by high winds overnight that ripped the roof off his building along West Winter Street in Delaware.  

There was water damage through the ceiling and tarps protected displays at his flower shop, Gibson the Florist.

The damage was real for Rittenhouse, who got the call late last night when storms tore through the downtown area.  Unfortunately, high winds targeted his building, tearing the roof off and dumping it on a car owned by Graham Burns.

“It looked like someone dropped it right on the car,” says Burns

Half of the roof was ripped apart from winds last night that were said to have reached some 50 MPH.

With the rain coming down, Rittenhouse had water coming into his building.    Buckets lined the floor along with soaked ceiling tiles.   But, Rittenhouse says, he’s grateful there wasn’t more water than the amount already inside of his shop.

Despite the damage, he says the shop has orders to fill today so they're staying open.    They just hope their customers can bear with them as they try to ride out the storm

Officials are saying the damage was not caused by a tornado, but rather by high winds.  Despite the destruction, no one was hurt.