String Of Burglaries Has Grandview Residents On Edge

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Grandview police have a simple message for residents after a string of burglaries: keep your doors locked and your garage doors closed.

Electronics, purses and bikes are some of the items reported stolen over the past week.

Nancy Perin says she was hoping she had left crime behind when moving to Grandview about five years ago.

"I'm from New York City, and I'm really used to crime happening all around me,” she said. “I moved to Grandview and I thought I'd never see a crime statistic again."

But in the past week alone, Grandview police say there have been at least six reports of burglaries between Westwood Avenue and Arlington Avenue.


Police say they arrested Damien Smith on Thursday and charged him with receiving stolen property from one of the burglaries.

Smith is one of two people detectives are considering persons of interest.

Police say the suspects entered open garages and unlocked doors in each burglary.

"Easy targets,” former Grandview resident Pat Muccio said. “People get relaxed and leave their doors unlocked."

Muccio says his parents were lucky nothing was taken from their Grandview garage when the criminals hit the neighborhood.

"The night that happened, they were out to dinner and one thing led to another and the garage door was open,” he said.

Perin says she always keeps her doors closed and locked and encourages her neighbors to do the same.

"Most crimes are crimes of opportunity,” Perin said. “You know, just some bad guy walking along looking for open doors."

Contact Grandview police at 614-488-7901 if you have any information about the burglaries.