Strickland Says Dems Would Be Wise To Choose Columbus For DNC


A day after Columbus mayor Michael Coleman said Democrats would lose Ohio in 2016 if they don't choose Columbus as their convention city, former governor Ted Strickland agreed that it would be wise for Democrats to come here.

"I think Columbus is a terrific city and we have all the amenities, the hotel rooms and the transportation issues worked out," Strickland told 10TV.  "I think the Democrats, if they are wise, will choose Columbus."

Coleman told Politico on Tuesday that the 2016 election will be decided in Ohio and pointed out the Obama and Romney ticket visited the state over 80 times in 2012.

"The Republicans are going to be in Cleveland, and that's going to unfortunately have an impact on Ohio that might influence this race," said Coleman.

While agreeing that Columbus should be picked, Strickland did not agree that not having the convention Ohio would cost the Democratic nominee the presidency.

"I wouldn't take it that far,” said Strickland.  “It may help Democrats if they choose Columbus, but I think Ohio will do what it's done in the last two elections and vote for a Democrat to run the country.”

Strickland said he is actively working to promote Columbus with party leaders in Washington where he is the president of the Center for American Progress Action Fund.