Stress Eating Packs On The Pounds For Women

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Researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center report a new study shows women who stress eat can gain a lot of extra weight.

Doctors say if a woman indulges in burgers, fries, and ice cream when stressed can gain up to 11 pounds per year.

Common stressors include everything from pressures at work to problems at home.

Doctors say stress slows down your metabolism, causing that weight gain.

Doctor Martha Belury says , "What  we found is that they burned less calories over the 7 hours after the meal when they had a stressor in their lives the day before the meal.

Her colleague Janice Kiecolt-Glaser says, "The difference was about 104 calories.  Which is no big deal for a single day, but if you took that across a year, it could be almost 11 pounds."

The doctors say just one fast food meal while stressed could lead to that weight gain.

And if you make it a habit, you can gain even more weight.

Doctors say if you're feeling stressed, try going for a walk before grabbing the fatty foods.

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