Storm Damages Homes, Buildings Along Stretch In Ross County


Roger Kline says strong winds blew through his Ross County property Sunday night near Yellow Bud.

“It come right this way, right that way,” he says.

Kline woke up to find tree limbs snapped and broken and his truck destroyed.

Trees were also down on his home, near the window where he was sleeping.

Part of the roof of Kline’s home was torn off and left on the ground. His field is littered with siding, insulation, and parts of the roof.

“To me, it sounded like a tornado,” added neighbor Sonny Madden.

All along Route 104, utility poles were knocked over by the wind which caused power outages. Over a dozen of the poles had to be replaced.

At one farm, a giant silo was no match against the strong wind.

The line of destruction isolated itself within a two mile area.

The National Weather Service in Wilmingston said a preliminary report confirmed that damage in Yellowbud was the result of a microburst and straight line winds.

“It scared me to death,” says Kline.