Stores In Central Ohio Offer Plenty For Bargain Hunters

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Shoppers will be back at it tomorrow and Friday. This year, Black Friday bargain hunters are expected to spend nearly 800 dollars on gifts.

The Grove City Kmart is ready to open Thanksgiving Day.

“The advertising is going to drive the day,” Kmart store manager Rich Lisko said.

Kmart will be busting Christmas tree prices by 50 percent, and that’s just the beginning.

“This year we've gone with 3 sets of door busters. The a.m., the p.m., and then Friday morning the big set of door busters,” Lisko said.

Kmart joins Target, Walmart Sears and Toys ‘R Us in offering deals they hope are too good for shoppers to pass up despite the lagging economy.

“On Black Friday we have over 200 door busters. That's up from 150 last year,” said Toys ‘R Us CEO Gerald Storch. “Our ad is 4 pages longer full of more and more and more great deals on products and we're going to keep adding all day, all weekend, all season more and more and more great deals.”

The best of the Black Friday sales include rebates that make kitchen gadgets just $9.99 at Macy’s and a 5 foot tall Christmas tree for just $20 at Walmart. Best Buy is offering a 40-inch Toshiba flat screen for $179.99, a $240 savings.

Experts say consumers should plan what they spend before heading to the stores and use the web to compare prices.

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