Store Manager Says 'Quick Change' Cash Suspect Struck Earlier This Month


A Reynoldsburg hardware store may be the victim of the same "quick change" scheme that 10TV first reported about on Monday.

"I knew as soon as I saw the video on TV last night, it was (her)," said Bill Oppenheimer, assistant manager of the Reynoldsburg True Value, located on East Main Street.

Oppenheimer is sure the woman matches a police description of the person who they are calling a scam artist.

Oppenheimer said she was at the hardware store earlier this month, and got away with money from one of the clerks.

The scheme works when the suspect pays for a small item with a big bill, and then causes confusion about the change they get back.

"It was just going so fast for (the clerk), she just couldn't keep up. She said (the suspect) just kept asking for change for this and change for that," said Oppenheimer.

The scam is part sleight of hand and part pushiness. The suspect often tells the clerk what money should be given back.

"There's a time when her hand is almost right in the drawer there, and our employee was starting to panic. She said she was pretty scared," said Oppenheimer.

Police said the suspect and her male accomplice hit three businesses over the last two weeks in Grove City. They got away with $600.

The Reynoldsburg hardware store said the two made off with $120.

"We've done a little more training since this. We've shown the video to our other employees," explained Oppenheimer.

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