Stivers Opposes Talk Of Federal Government Shutdown


Just days after the conservative Heritage Foundation brought its "defund Obamacare" tour to central Ohio, U.S. Rep. Steve Stivers is warning fellow Republicans about the danger of forcing a federal government shutdown.

"I don't believe shutting down the government is the right way to go," said Stivers.  "If we shut down the government over this disagreement, then one of the only things funded is the health care bill.  That's not a very worthwhile tactic in my view."

Stivers says the health care law is part of mandatory budget spending,and it would continue regardless of whether a budget is approved.

"The health care bill is almost entirely on the mandatory, not discretionary, side," said Stivers.  "Shutting down the government, ironically, would not defund the health care bill."

Stivers is a co-sponsor of a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

He also believes it may unravel on its own.

"The President admitted that we need to delay the business mandate a few months ago," said Stivers.  "We have the administration on the verge of admitting we'll have to delay the exchanges which are supposed to be up and running in October, and they are nowhere near being ready. Some of this may be delayed far enough to let the people decide in the 2014 elections."

Earlier in the week, the conservative Heritage Foundation brought its "defund Obamacare" bus tour to Ohio.

Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint said Republicans should be willing to close down the government over the issue.

"President Obama's popularity is declining, and the popularity of this law is bad and growing worse," said DeMint.  "If Republicans can't win this battle you have to ask yourself What difference does it make that they win the majority?'"

Stivers disagrees and is recommending his GOP colleagues avoid any discussion of a government shutdown.

"I know there are people arguing that 'yes, we just need to do it' but I don't think that's the right tactic," said Stivers.