Stink Bug Invasion Has Central Ohio Residents On Edge


Lee Ann Codispoti has been trying to get rid of some unwanted guests in her Dublin home.

"I usually find them around the doors or up around the windows. There's one right there, right now,” said Codispoti.

It's a brown marmorated stink bug, an invader from Asia.   

It normally lives on fruits and vegetable crops, but spends the winter in dead trees or leaf piles, or people's homes.

"I was kind of concerned because I have a baby granddaughter that crawls around on the floor, and I found them in the family room,” added Codispoti.

She's called an exterminator for help three or four times, but the critters still appear.  She wants to know what to do about them.

"At this time of year, very little,” said Lonnie Alonso.

Alonso, general manager of Columbus Pest Control, said he is used to getting calls from people who see swarms of insects.

This winter it’s different.

"It's sort of surprising that for somebody to see two or three they get alarmed enough with this insect that they pick up the phone and call,” added Alonso.

He suggested that people vacuum up the bugs and dispose of the bag immediately, or pick them up individually and flush them down the toilet.

He said on warmer days, they're more active, but in spring they should leave people's homes.

Alonso said that early fall is the time to spray insecticide around the outside of the house to keep stink bugs from entering.

“Knowing that it's an outside insect tells you that the control's going to be best when they're trying to get in, not once they're in,” he explained.

Researchers are experimenting with different kinds of insecticides to see which ones work best.

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