State Worker Used Work Computer To Pirate Material

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A state employee used his department of health work computers to "pirate" copyrighted material, according to an Ohio Inspector General report.

The report, released Thursday, says the IT worker misused state equipment and "introduced" viruses to state computer systems.   

Edward Jones Jr is accused of improperly downloading videos from the Nickolodean show Big Time Rush, Season 2, amongst other programs.

The Inspector General said Jones used state resources to download nearly 25 hundred copyrighted tv shows and movies.

Jones is also accused of downloading comic books such as Spiderman. He downloaded 2,100 different comics, according to the Inspector General report.

Jones was responsible for computer security at the department of health.

Department of Health spokesman Robert Jennings told 10 Investigates taht Jones is on the job, but no longer had access to file sharing equipment.

Jennings said the Department of Health is now launching its own investigation and the case has also been turned over to prosecutors.