State Says Building Did Not Make Employees Sick


Is a Columbus skyscraper a breeding ground for illness?

Former government employees claim mold in the office made them sick, but tonight, the state argues the building is not to blame.

Several floors of 150 East Gay Street are home to Ohio Attorney General's office employees. Several of those employees say they have approved medical claims tied to the building.

10 Investigates first reported the story in September.

Now, the state says five separate air quality tests revealed no signs of mold and nothing that could make employees ill.  

At a hearing on Tuesday, three former attorney general employees insisted their workplace made them sick.  Jan Montano told 10TV there's no doubt in her mind.

The state industrial commission signed off on a report saying Montano's illness is due to "sick building syndrome" which causes breathing illness.

But the Ohio Attorney General is appealing that decision and arguing repeated air quality tests gave the building a clean bill of health.

Montano says she bought home mold kits and did her own testing. She claims it grew petri dishes full of mold.  The state argued those tests were completely unreliable.

Ohio AG attorneys poured through Montano's medical history, arguing all of her tests for mold allergies came back negative, and saying her own doctors dispute her theory.

Montano says she's been fighting this fight for three years and she's not ready to give up.

The commission is expected to make its decision in a couple of weeks, but even then, the fight could continue if either side files an appeal with the courts.