State High School Athletic Officials Says Steroid Testing May Be Next Step

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A statewide conference for athletic directors was bustling with the people who run high school sports programs. And, they're concerned about kids using steroids.

“I think it's very much on peoples' minds,” said Jerry Snodgrass.

Snodgrass, an assistant commissioner for the group that regulates high school athletics, first revealed concerns about steroids during a 10 Investigates' investigation.

10 Investigates uncovered allegations that John Kibler was giving steroids to high school athletes at Big Walnut.

The report also found a network of dealers that police in Warren County believe was targeting students. Snodgrass says athletic directors know there are problems with everything from energy drinks to illegal steroids.

“I believe the very large majority of them would say there is some issue in their school,” he said.

“It's an issue that has to be addressed. How do we address it? I don't know,” said Tim Erickson.

Erickson, Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Association president, says athletic directors are now looking for answers. Testing is one possible response.

10 Investigates found at least three states currently testing high school student athletes for steroids. Ohio does not.

Snodgrass says that could change.

“I think athletic directors and athletic departments across the state and school administrators across the state are looking more and more at testing as a deterrent.”

Critics of testing say it can be costly.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association is expected to formally discuss testing with its medical advisory group.

That group will then report to the Board of Directors.