State Audit Finds That Fairfield County Clerk Had Employees Campaign While On The Job


The Ohio Auditor's Office has found that the former Fairfield County Clerk of Courts had employees campaign for her when they should have been on the job.

Deborah Smalley has already been indicted on 12 counts including Engaging in a Pattern of Corruption, 2 counts of Theft In Office, 2 counts of Tampering with Records, 2 counts of Receiving Stolen Property, one count of Identity Fraud, one count of Tampering with Evidence, and three counts of having an Unlawful Interest In a Public Contract. Her husband, David Smalley, has also been named in seven counts with his wife. He’s also charged with Perjury.

The just-released audit seems to back up the charges in the indictment.

Auditor Dave Yost has found that Smalley had Clerk of Court employees conduct campaign-related activities during business hours. She offered employees the chance to use compensatory leave for the work. Auditors found 421 hours valued at $8,853 were accrued and used by employees.

The Auditor also found that Smalley purchased items with state money that she kept at her home. She allegedly entered into an improper contract with her husband's company for office lighting.

Finally, the Auditor says several checks that were supposed to be deposited into the Smalley campaign account went into a personal account.

In all, Yost says his office has issued a finding for recovery for nearly $39,000.

Smalley already resigned from office after the Ohio Auditor launched an investigation.

The investigation was started when Smalley was accused of requiring employees who work for her to campaign on county time. During the course of the investigation, she and her husband were also accused of removing items from her office after-hours.