SR-315 ramp into Clintonville closes permanently

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A highway ramp that took a lot of people into Clintonville has closed forever.

The ramp to eastbound North Broadway from 315 North permanently shut down Tuesday.

The Clintonville Area Commission said neighbors have been asking for this for a while.

Before the closure, traffic came directly off the freeway onto North Broadway. Speed boards were installed to slow traffic but some homeowners think it’s a dangerous situation.

Others didn't want to lose the convenience of driving directly into Clintonville. The CAC said the city had been looking at revamping the interchange.

Ohio Health is building its new headquarters directly next to the existing ramp. It will house 1,600 employees. The ramp will become a public road leading to the building and nearby apartments.

The exit to westbound North Broadway will remain open as well as the Olentangy River Road exit. Drivers will have to go through lights and make turns to go eastbound but it's still accessible.

As part of the interchange revamp, the southbound exit to North Broadway will change also, making it easier to get directly on to North Broadway.