Sponsor Says Problem Charter School Could Soon Be Shut Down

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Barnett Academy on Kimberly Parkway North in East Columbus is already under fire for lack of finances.

The schools sponsor, North Central Educational Services Center, now says it's considering suspending the school after more problems surfaced.
Parents and former educators tell 10TV that when teachers walked off the job for not getting paid, children started teaching children in the school.
"They were instructed to teach because the other teacher that was filling in only taught math and science," said Tina Greygan, a former teacher at Barnett Academy.
Mary Haynes says she pulled her four children from the school after learning the school was not feeding them properly.
"My kids were telling me they were given pop tarts at breakfast bologna sandwiches at lunch time and pizza from Little Caesars. It just wasn't right," she said.
Haynes tells 10TV the problems started when the school lost its catering contract.
But other problems also surfaced.

A former administrator says students were not supposed to play on the Fourth Floor because it was under construction, yet the school held gym and dance classes there.
"There were all kinds of materials lying in the middle of on the floor, wiring. It was not a safe place for the kids to be," said Felicia Bohanan, a former Administrative Assistant.
The school's sponsor says it has no idea what the school administrator did with the money that was supposed to pay for teachers.

Thurron Barnett told 10TV last week, "We are currently trying to get everyone paid, including myself."
The school's sponsor says the Barnett Academy is supposed receive a payment from the state November 19.

But it may be too late.

He says his board is expected to meet on Wednesday to discuss suspended the school including shutting it down.